Industrialized for third parties.

DIDP is a primary monomeric plasticizer that has good mechanical properties and tensile strength at low temperatures.

Two traits that favor the use of DIDP in the wire and cable segment, especially at high temperatures, are its low volatility and good electrical resistance.

Electrical cables coated with polyvinyl chloride compounds, once produced with DIDP may work for a long time at temperatures of 85ºC without significant change to their mechanical or electrical properties. To further improve its performance, it is advisable to add 0.2 to 0.4% of an antioxidant such as Bisphenol A, which significantly reduces thermal degradation.

The high water and weather resistance compounds of polyvinyl chloride plasticized with DIDP favors its use on the outside of buildings and water tanks for washing machines, livestock troughs, bath tanks, etc..

For its low volatility and excellent process ability, DIDP is widely used in calendars and machine presses in the manufacturing of films for car upholstery, canvas material, tarpaulins, etc.